Brenda Renewables’ pioneering composting facility at Glencore’s former Brenda Mine site composts food and winery process wastes, fostering responsible waste management and environmental sustainability. By restoring the mine site through revegetation with grasses, shrubs, and trees, Brenda Renewables leads the charge towards a greener future, harmonizing past industrial activity with present and future ecological preservation and renewal in the region.

Key features of the design and construction of the facility include its location at Glencore’s Brenda Mine Site near Peachland, BC, situated at a high altitude of 1485 meters (nearly 5,000 feet) with heavy snow

loads of 5.3 kPa (110 pounds per square foot). The 32,000 square foot it’s MegaDome® compost building is constructed with hot-dip galvanized steel, aluminum, and stainless-steel components, supported by massive concrete grade-beams. The facility boasts a 15-year translucent white membrane roofing. Constructed by BuildWorks Construction Inc. in collaboration with its affiliate, Bioworks Compost Systems, the facility features the Airfloor® in-floor aeration and leachate collection system, aeration blowers, controls, electrical work, biofilter, and odor control system, ensuring compliance with provincial organics recycling and environmental standards.

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