August 16, 2013

MegaDome® phoenix rises from Coverall ashes at Thompson Creek Metals

MACKENZIE, BRITISH COLUMBIA – MegaDome® phoenix rises on the ashes of a collapsed Coverall for Terrane Metals Corp. Mt. Milligan Copper/Gold Project (Thompson Creek) Ore Load-out Facility.

BuildWorks, the authorized BC dealer and builder for fifteen years of MegaDome® engineered fabric covered structures – manufactured in St. Thomas (Joliette), Quebec by Harnois Industries Ltd. – has successfully completed the re-construction of a 9,000 square feet ore load-out facility.

Built in two phases the original Coverall brand structure was constructed for Lomak Bulk Carriers in 2001, with a second phase in 2006. Coverall filed for bankruptcy protection in 2010 after failing to weather building failures through-out North America, most notably the collapse of the Cowboys training facility in Irving, Texas in May 2009 where twelve people were hurt. The existing load-out building in Mackenzie with its wide-spaced trusses collapsed after a winter snow-storm in 2012.

megadome-post-img02The replacement MegaDome® structure is a completely re-engineered building, furnished with extra heavy duty galvanized-steel clear-span arch frames, and covered with durable FR (fire-resistant) Powershield® translucent tensioned membrane. The existing foundation was re-constructed to support the combined building, snow, wind and bulk storage loads. The result is a functional and energy-efficient facility that is fully compliant with the new BC Building Code, and carries a Certificate of Design and Manufacturing Conformance (CSA A660-10).

The project was completed by BuildWorks in July 2013.


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