Corrosion Protection

MegaDomes® offer excellent resistance to corrosion. As a standard for effective general corrosion protection, low temperature silicone-bronze welding in conjunction with pre-galvanized steel is employed in the manufacturing of the MegaDomes® arch-frames.

For superior protection in corrosive environments MegaDome® offers hot-dip galvanizing with a 4 mil. thick zinc coating applied after fabrication and welding.  This provides a life expectancy of 50 years, in general use; and 25 years in industrial use. In corrosive environments, we highly recommend a hot dip galvanization process, which is applied after welding, to offer complete protection. Since the finished components are completely immersed in a zinc solution, the treatment covers all surfaces, inside and out. Optional stainless steel hardware is also available to ensure maximum corrosion protection.

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